The art of making Vietnamese coffee

The course is held in about 90 mins.

At the beginning, guests will be given an introduction to Vietnamese coffee (its varieties, its coffee harvest season, its brewing methods…)

Then the fascinating part is guests will experience how to make traditional Vietnamese coffee with Phin filter, how to make two popular coffee drinks in Vietnam – Coconut coffee and Egg Coffee.

Last but not least, enjoy delicious cup of coffee you just made in a peaceful serene haven tucked away in old town – Buttercup by Rosie’s cafe.

our host

Our barista, Tu has been working in the coffee industry for over 10 years and is passionate about showing other coffee lovers about Vietnamese coffee, and how to brew a perfect cup of coffee with very simple equipment and process.

If you are interested in this workshop, you can book directly with us or find us on Airbnb experience.